Zoe Manning

Licensed Massage Therapist

When Zoe found massage therapy years ago, the healing it provided her was more than just hands on. After years of being an athlete and equestrian, she suffered from many neck and shoulder issues. She enrolled in school which led her to a whole world of healing both herself and others. The idea of being able to provide relief and pain management through touch was incredible to her and she knew it would lead her to an amazing career. Her goal is to provide satisfying relief for all body types and she is constantly inspired by her clients to learn new and productive methods. Her strong suit is trigger point therapy but she caters to the needs of the individual- she can work softly in sensitive areas as well. Zoe is passionate about health and wellness. She tries to avoid the tendency to become stagnant and mindlessly go through the motions of her day, and has found that massages help reconnect her mind and body and relieve anxiety. This allows her to help others who struggle with the same things. Muscle manipulation releases tension created in our bodies by stress, being over worked, poor diet, bad posture, etc, and in turn this leads to so many good things. Massage therapy is just one of many ways to take care of yourself, and she hopes to help her clients stay in comfortable motion with open hearts and minds.