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I started VitalityVille as a response to my own serious health journey. For years, I suffered with a variety of chronic, painful conditions. Unfortunately, I found that these conditions slowly worsened over time, despite the fact that I was doing everything my medical doctors told me to do--and I was taking all the medications they told me to take. At first, I was taking one or two prescribed medications, but as time went on, new conditions mysteriously appeared. These new conditions required more and more medications in order to "manage" them. But, the more medications I took, the worse my health situation got.

It took a critical, life-altering moment for me to wake up and realize that I needed to do something different. Out of sheer desperation, I began researching alternative health and wellness solutions, and these solutions ultimately saved my life. Consequently, I have now dedicated my life to promoting natural health and wellness modalities, in an effort to connect as many people as possible with gifted practitioners who can truly help them. This is what VitalityVille is all about. So, thanks for being part of this great mission. Your presence here makes all the years of suffering I endured worthwhile and really means something to me. This being said, if you're curious to learn more, please watch the documentary video below.

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Photo of Matthew

The Story of VitalityVille

The story of Matthew James drives VitalityVille. It started many years ago when Matthew was just four years old in a small-town kindergarten classroom. It was here that he experienced his first tragic and life-altering episode. This episode initiated a series of terrifying health problems for him, as he fell deeper and deeper into the clutches of the pharmaceutical industry. Please click on and watch "The Story of VitalityVille" documentary video here if you're interested in finding out more details about Matthew's fascinating story, his illnesses, his painful, devastating experiences with medical doctors, and his epic recovery and escape from the darkness. Warning: Some scenes contain graphic images that may be unsuitable for sensitive viewers.


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