Wendy Crabbe

Health Coach

I was a busy NP totally burnt out in her job and eating all the time to make myself feel better. Then I stopped dieting, I decided I would just be obese. But I kept thinking about my weight all the time. So I decided to try one more time and committed to a self coaching program.

I lost 55 lbs in 1 year and am now maintaining my weight and I did this at age 56. How did I do it? By working with a coach and figuring out why I overate and learning how to reset the hormones I could control (insulin). I learned how to fuel my body with food that gave me energy and kept me satisfied. I learned new tools on how to deal with cravings, stress eating and reset my thinking around food.

I am a certified life and weight loss coach and recently retired oncology nurse practitioner. My passion is helping women over 50 lose weight for the last time.

Through coaching, I also learned how to set big goals, stop over-drinking, and heal relationships by loving unconditionally.

I help women over 50 lose up to 50 lbs so they can feel great in their bodies for another 50+ years

If you haven’t been able to lose weight on your own, that is OK; I wasn’t able to either. Losing weight is hard. You need a life coach to help teach you the tools you need to get your own weight loss transformation and lose weight for the last time.