Vicky Flint

Dental Hygienist (Holistic)

Vicky Is an Independent Dental Hygienist Who Cares About You “The statement on the banner of this website states “Specializing in Treating People Who Prefer Alternative Medicine, Herbal Products, and A Holistic Approach.” These are not just “marketing” words. Tahey don’t come from a weekend seminar, online article, or a network marketing company – none of which am I criticizing. These words come from years of suffering, searching, and overcoming. I have a big story, but do my best to keep it concise. First of all, I found my career in high school, the result of a Business Program in my senior year. Having no direction for college, I chose the Business Program. We all had to have jobs as part of this program, and the job I got was “Secretarial Dental Assistant.” As planned, at the end of the school year, the lady who trained me retired, and I went to work full-time. Along the way, I found bookkeeping to be most distasteful and working directly with people wonderful. I couldn’t picture myself doing some of the procedures dentists do, so I went to an office that had a dental hygienist and observed her. I’ll never forget the feeling of something coming alive in me that day – I knew that was for me! “Specializing in Treating People Who Prefer Alternative Medicine, Herbal Products, and A Holistic Approach.” I’ve always had a fascination of how things work and was excited to learn new things about creating better health for our patients in the student clinic. The school I attended had an excellent, high-quality program (and still does) but I thought dental hygiene and dentistry at large lacked more innovative answers to people’s dental health challenges. Fast-forward to about five years into my career. At this time, I was married and had a five-year-old son. I began having very odd symptoms that were very concerning: loss of peripheral vision, seeing black spots in front of me, feeling like I couldn’t get enough air into me…what was going on? Our standard Medical System was of no help. They shrugged and suggested grief therapy as my symptoms began six months after a tragic loss, the death of my second son who was premature. I consulted grief counselors who said I had moved through the grieving process didn’t need that. After four years of additional and worsening symptoms, I saw my symptoms portrayed in a movie which finally pointed me in a direction of testing that found a label for my symptoms – hypoglycemia. The doctors didn’t have good answers for what to do about it. Out of desperation, I went to see a chiropractor that a friend had nagged me for a long time to go see. I didn’t want to, because I’d already had a bad experience with a chiropractor and thought they were all “bone-poppers” who hurt people. That day I learned about Nutrition-based Chiropractic practices. The initial kinesiology testing (which was the weirdest thing I had ever experienced) took only several minutes and was completely painless. I gained more information about what was out of balance and what my body needed in order to repair than I had gained over the previous FOUR YEARS. I had a wonderful experience of healing there and that type of chiropractor has been my primary care provider ever since. I have also been a patient of homeopathy, Chinese Medicine, NET, Acupuncture, Light Therapy, Access Bars, and maybe another modality or two I’m not thinking of right now. Along the way, I was able to join a Study Club sponsored by Standard Process, the supplement company whose products totally changed my health trajectory. There, I learned so much about what I call Observational Medicine – recognizing what’s starting to break down based on clues in the skin, hair, eyes, teeth, and gums. I saw a huge opportunity in dentistry to help people in a larger way. We see their medical histories and the observational patterns. Why not bring kinesiology into dentistry? Well, dentistry didn’t want it. I do not diagnose or treat anything other than the Periodontal Disease I am licensed to diagnose and treat. However, as dentistry has transitioned from judgmental to tolerant of Alternative Medicine modalities, I embrace it whole-heartedly! Because of Study Club, I have learned how to recognize some signs (mostly patterns of the tongue) that might be helpful puzzle pieces for you. These signs, plus intuition, get jotted down for my clients to take to their practitioners for consideration. Many people I work with have chemical sensitivities, so I make my own polishing paste from clean, herbal ingredients and can custom-make a paste for you to accommodate your preferences and needs. I’ve been practicing dental hygiene for over 30 years and still love it. I will do it as long as my body allows me to. Yes, the phrase “Specializing in Treating People Who Prefer Alternative Medicine, Herbal Products, and A Holistic Approach” are not just “marketing” words. If you feel like you don’t “fit in” to traditional medicine, perhaps because you are “allergic to everything” or have “weird symptoms” – WELCOME! I am one of you! I understand! Helping you keep your gums and teeth healthy is my highest calling.