Therese Tappouni

Licensed HeartMath Trainer

Born as the second child of six and raised in the Midwest by an entrepreneur father and homemaker mother, Therese was always surrounded by family. Then, life changed when her family moved to Florida in her senior high school year. Nothing looked the same, attitudes were different, and she lacked old friends and family ties. She attended the University of Florida briefly before marrying her college sweetheart, building a home, and having a family of her own. Having six children ignited her community spirit. She became a school-community coordinator for a government program in the local school system at the same time the South lurched into the 70s. Then, once again, everything changed. “This exquisite book (The Promise) offers profound and moving answers to our deepest heart questions. It is a revelation of beauty, wisdom, heart-breaking and heart-aching personal experience and a gentle guide to a path of joyous fulfillment of life’s Spiritual Promise. I find it inspiring, moving and gallant.” – Peggy Rubin, Director, The Center for Sacred Theatre Author, To Be and How To Be