Terri Smith

Yoga Instructor

Practicing EMYoga, Qigong and Tai Chi Easy is Terri’s lifeline for a calm mind, healthy body, and peaceful heart regardless of what is happening in her life or the world. Her journey began in 2006 when she personally struggled with chronic stress, asthma, sinus infections, back pain, allergies and degenerative disc disease. Terri needed to address the root cause of her ailments and change the way she responded to the stress and traumas she experienced in her life. She began going to an acupuncturist and practicing yoga because high impact exercises wreaked havoc on her body and did not address the ‘mind stuff’. She learned how ancient practices focus on the mind-body connection through breath-work and the power of our body’s energy systems to prevent disease in our body. Terri was inspired by the benefits she experienced so she became a Certified Energy Medicine Yoga (EMYoga) Instructor, Accessible Yoga Ambassador, Medical Qigong Practice Leader and Tai Chi Easy Easy Practice Leader to share her passion with EVERY body. She also created Pause for a Peaceful Heart (P4PH) Membership Program for students to have ongoing encouragement and support to begin and/or maintain their own self-care routine for better health at their convenience through closed captioning videos and private mentoring. As a mother of three, trauma survivor, and main caregiver for daughter with special needs, inclusivity and accessibility is central to all of Terri’s teachings. Terri is grateful for her Instructors who have taught her that traumas and chronic health conditions do NOT have to defeat us. There is always hope when we activate our qi (life force/energy flow) and connect with the ‘healer within’, which she calls ‘true internal medicine’. Sharing this compassionate message and helping others learn how to balance their energetic body, manage stress, and tame thoughts for better health is her joy. To date, Peaceful Heart has served students ranging in age from 22 months to 103 years old. EMYoga, Qigong, and Tai Chi Easy are truly for EVERY body!