Susan Levin

Health Coach Consultant

In 1975 I was living on the fast track in NYC. I smoked, ate only one meal a day and that was usually at restaurants. I was in for a rude awakening. My gums were bleeding and I soon was to learn from a periodontist that my teeth were also loose. But I was so young! He recommended a very expensive surgery as the remedy. My mom, although once bedridden, had turned her health around with the help of an MD that utilized extensive diagnostic testing, nutrition, supplements, and detoxification to support the body’s healing abilities. After 6 months in his care, eating well and cooking for myself, my energy and sense of well being were transformed! My gums were no longer bleeding and my teeth had tightened. I returned to the Periodontist. He could not believe the change he saw in my mouth. Nor did he ask what I had done. The doctor who had transformed my health eventually became my husband. Together Warrren M. Levin, MD and I were embarking on a journey together that would last over 30 years, not only as husband and wife but as pioneers in the world of Integrative and Alternative Medicine. Today I carry on with our mission through educating my clients about the possible options, treatments and protocols that are available to them by helping them to build and coordinate a support team to steer a course towards complete healing and recovery.