Susan Gail Farkas

Integrative Nutrition Specialist

Every living thing needs fuel to survive. Most plants are nourished by the sun. Some deep-sea life feed off of minerals expelled from beneath the earth’s crust. Most animals, we humans included, require the consumption of nutrients through food. Every part of our body must be maintained by a steady flow of raw materials and fuel to keep going – proteins, sugars, amino acids, and minerals. Digestion breaks food down into many smaller parts, and our body sends these building blocks where they are needed. Our cells are like mini factories that use these blocks to do things like sweat, breathe, grow hair, bleed, shed skin, heal bones, and even make children. The products in our food literally become us, hence the phrase, “you are what you eat”! One of Om’echaye’s founders and partners, Susan Farkas, has dedicated her life and career to developing a deep understanding of how this process shapes our lives. She has a profound love and respect for the nutritional arts, and has designed proven methods to magnify the positive aspects of food intake. She has brought these methods to Om’echaye to help us reconfigure our approach to food, specifically with programs like her Seven-Day-Cleanse, 21-Day Healthy Weight Loss Program, the Om’Diet, and others. However, let me be clear in her intentions: