Stephanie Medalen

Health Coach


….. and welcome to your Circle of Health! I am a health enthusiast, essential oil user, country music lover, wanna be Wonder Woman, weight lifting lady, marathoner, wishful chef, survivor of chronic back pain and tension headaches, married to my rock, momma bear to a food allergy warrior, a leaky gut hero and a spicy little pepper, lover of summer and I am head over heals passionate about living my best life and helping others find theirs!

What’s on your plate is just a part of your journey to health. I believe health is a full circle that’s multidimensional and bio individual and if your wheel spokes are not equal, life isn’t a full circle and can be less than a smooth ride.

My nutritional health journey started in 2010 when our first son was diagnosed with a life threatening food allergy at the age of 2.  From there, I was slapped in the face with learning how important the food we put in our body really is – it can mean life or death, health or illness! It can be the simplest form of medicine, or the scariest form of poison.

A few years later, our family was hit hard again with another nutritional landmine as we learned our second son had severe food sensitivities that were impacting his physical, mental and emotional health- it was crazy what damage food was doing to him. Yes, you read that correctly – the food he was eating was impacting his behaviors, his moods, his emotions, his sleep and his entire body more than we knew.

Our family has pushed through some major food related storms. Some people would say our struggles with food is nothing short of a curse, but in my mind it’s been a blessing in disguise. We’ve been challenged. We battled back and now – I want to share my blessings, my knowledge, my education, and my experiences with you.

Health is about the choices on your plate, but it’s also about what’s off your plate. True health is not just food. It’s your relationships, career, activity and spirituality. It’s your thoughts and your environments. I base my coaching on the individual, not on a theory. We find what works for you! This is a life long journey, not a quick fix. There’s no shakes or pills, there no easy short cuts – it’s hard work and dedication, with me as your guide!

Nutrition. It’s so important in so many ways. Both primary and secondary foods need to be addressed when searching for health. I am here and ready to help you navigate your lifestyle and find your Circle of Health. Together we will find what healthy means for you and your body.