Stephanie Bolton

Music Therapist

Hi, I’m Stephanie, and I’m the owner/music therapist behind Healing Sounds Music Therapy. I have a husband, a daughter, one dog, one cat, a mortgage, an old car, and a serious love of coffee. I’m probably not much different than you, dear reader. I have worries, problems, struggles, and family dysfunction like everyone else. Some days I make mistakes and totally mess up, and other days I seem to get it right. Most days are a mixture of both. Personally, I’ve experienced grief, loss, depression, anxiety, heartbreak, betrayal, and self-doubt. Professionally, I’ve seen a lot of people struggling with a wide variety of problems. Music has always been a constant companion in my life. I cannot remember a time when I didn’t know music. In fact, I began taking piano lessons when I was only 5. My sister used to say that she could always tell what mood I was in by which songs I chose to practice, and that’s very true. For me, music has been a form of communication- a language, if you will- and a means of expressing emotions and feelings that were too difficult to put into words. That’s a big part of why I chose music therapy as my profession. I knew that music can have a profound healing effect on people.