Shem Ahuli Sol Bey

Temple Servant

Greetings, I am Shem Ahuli Sol Bey, Free National Appellation for my Cherokee Moor American nationality of sovereign status. My name of birth given by my father is Clarence Lee Emmanuel III, born August 9th & raised in Miami, Florida in the zodiac constellation of Leo, the day after August 8th, the peak of Sirius Star spiritual energy projecting light information codes into our Earth’s atmosphere for DNA upgrades of ascension. I am very well into ceremonial trance inducing Shamanic arts of healing the soul & spirit of Man & Woman. Bodywork healing including herbal & naturally instrumented tunes of harmony like drumming, Kalimba, & other instruments are my tools of operation to help humanity physically/anatomically, mentally, emotionally, & spiritually for soul completion & peaceful quality of being. That is my objective & duty as a spiritually aware existing being on this Earth plane. My Philosophy of Care My own livity inspired me to become a wellness professional. I had become aware of The Ancient Way 7 years ago, 2012. Learning about the metaphysical & esoteric knowledge of the human body Temple from Elders that are holistic naturopathic doctors & metaphysicians steered my heart & mind into the rea read more… What You Can Expect On Your First Visit My clients describe their first visit as a renewal & inward journey into the intracellular matrix of cells within due to the sedation of the nervous system & releasing of endorphins into the bloodstream.