Sheila Simms Watson


As a midwife, I approach childbearing as a normal life event. I believe that pregnancy and birth are natural processes where physical, emotional, social and spiritual aspects are influential and interconnected. I am committed to providing safe, supportive health care sensitive to a family’s needs, cultural variations, religious beliefs, and economic or social status. It is my goal to empower and educate women and their families in their childbearing experience. I support the right of each woman to have access to health care by the provider of her choice, and to birth in the setting of her choice. Having witnessed the miracle of birth with many women and in many places, I have great respect for the unique journey it is for each individual. I have come to value and respect the deep breadth of what is normal, and the power of loving positive support. In the peace and calm of the home, sacred space is created for the birth of a new family – comfort, relaxation and respect allow for the natural progression of birthing into the days, weeks and years that follow as a healthy, intimate family. For the past 20 years I have been studying and practicing in the field of maternal and infant health and have had the fortune to practice as a midwife for 20 years. I have supported women birthing in the hospital and birth center setting; however, homebirth is my specialty and what I enjoy most.