Sharon Reid

Emotional & Relationship Healing Specialist

I’ve worn many hats in the health and wellness industry. Which thinking about it now, is the reason why; I do, what I do, today! As a Respiratory Therapist, I’ve had the privilege of caring and comforting families while helping them improve their lung function. In training hundreds of students in Medical Assistant Programs; students would often seek counsel to talk with me about their personal and relationship challenges rather than academics. I’ve trained thousands of clients CPR skills in my own business, or as a volunteer with the American Heart Assoc. , participants would ask me for guidance for their own heart health. Long before the buzzword “coaching” became prevalent, I guess in my own way, I was always coaching. These professions led me to grow in my self –development; which led me to become a non-denominational, ordained Minister, Certified Life Coach and an Accredited Certified Health Coach. I’ve complimented my expertise and experiences to form “Three Hearts- One Beat, Inc.” My mission is to provide the most preferred and valued holistic solution- oriented CPR Training, Relationship Coaching and Healing services targeting the physical, emotional and spiritual heart, for optimal health, love and life.