Shari Hartz

Wellness Coach

My name is Shari Hartz, MA, CHT. Back in the late 80s my step mother was struggling with cancer and I found out about an organization that was planning on to open a clinic in the area that used hypnosis to help people experiencing life changing illnesses. I know watching her suffer made me wish I could do something to help. As a Psychology major I was excited about the opportunities that this could afford me. I did participate in the program and although that cancer support program never came to fruition, attending that weekend program did get me excited to learn more. I Started by attending my first real school (Denver School of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy) with over 500 hours of training in the early 90’s. I realized that hypnosis is a powerful tool to positively change peoples lives and I started working with clients part time. In the early 2000s I attended the Day of Miracles School of Hypnotherapy as a teaching assistant. This exposed me to a variety of different tools I could add to my toolbox. Finally in 2014 I went to the program at America’s Academy for Coaching, Counseling and Hypnotherapy, where I am an instructor and on the board of directors. This has given me over 2000 hours of training. Being blessed to have completed my Master’s degree in Communication and a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Communication from the University of Colorado at Denver, I gained a well rounded view around how people are motivated and how they can be effective in relating to themselves and others. Later I completed a bachelors degree in Visual Communication (graphic design). Presently, I serve as an instructor and an educator. I have the awesome opportunity to teach Communication classes for Community College of Denver, Metro State University and Graphic Design for Independence University. As a teach, trainer and registered psychotherapist I have the opportunity to help you feel empowered and being exposed to a variety of different techniques has given me lots of tools in my toolbox. I have found the most effective approach is to work with each client individually and support them with their specific needs. Even when the Virtual Gastric Band (VGB) protocol for weight-loss has a complete structure to it, but even within that process there are some portions that are specific to each client. This work helps people and can help you make positive changes in your life that can be done in a gentle and subtle way. I would be delighted to have the honor to support you in making those positive changes in your life.