Sashi Gerzon-Rose

Yoga & Meditation Instructor

Sashi Gerzon-Rose, MA,LPC I have found profound meaning in working with a diverse range of people, from incarcerated youth to adults, couples, families, and groups. I love working with members of the LGBTQ community and folks who are spiritually inclined. My experience includes working with: trauma, depression, anxiety, spirituality, life transitions, loss and grief, sexuality and intimacy, conflict resolution, addictions, eating disorders, and personal growth. I am trained in many different modalities, but everything I do is rooted in my own personal practice of mindfulness, or approaching what’s happening with a curious, nonjudgmental attitude. I am also trained in the Psychobiological Approach to Couples Therapy (PACT), which I have found to be deeply powerful in getting to the heart of the matter for couples and individuals alike. I have also facilitated various groups for survivors of childhood sexual abuse, addiction recovery based in mindfulness, Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), meditation, and more. As a seasoned yoga and meditation teacher, I often bring in an experiential and body-based approach to therapy, because it is only by feeling our own unique struggles and joys that we can tap into the common intelligence of what it means to be human. Additionally, it is by exploring and reclaiming the various, disowned parts of ourselves that allows us to move towards a fuller, freer, and more whole expression of who we truly are. I live in Boulder, CO, with my partner and sweet, mischievous dogs. Like most Coloradans, I love spending time outside. I also teach yoga, dance, and write. I laugh as easily as I cry.