Sarah Strong

Intuitive Life Coach

Hey Beautiful Peeps, Sarah here! Thanks so much for checking out my page, have a look around and let me know how you’re feeling! My aim in life is to bring as much joy to everyone in this blessed world as I can!!! There are so many ways that you can draw love, joy, bliss and wonderment into your life and through a coaching journey with me, you can reach states of bliss in every area of your life!!!! YEAH BABY!!!! Have you been feeling disconnected from your spiritual path? Or did you used to hear your guides and now, nothing? Sometimes life gets in the way of you experiencing your greatest joy and I’m here to help you get back to that vibrant, bouncy self that you know is in there!!! Through star seed coaching or divine feminine activation coaching we co-create magical portals of energy that are assisted with me using gifts such as being empathic, a medium, psychic, telepathic and a channel. I channel Spirit so that you can feel that juicy, yummy feeling of being super connected to your true self, and getting back to feeling deeply and profoundly connected to your Spirit Guides!! How does that sound? Pretty cool hey!?! Book a your first 45min session to dive right in!! You can check that out on the Offerings page!!! Get it Queen!!!! Some of the other things I bring to the table are being a Soul-preneur, a published author of “Live Wild, Live Free” & “Book Of Mantras Bible Of Ascension”, a public speaker, humanity supporter, Lightworker, a TOTAL animal lover and currently writing my next book “Awakening The Divine Feminine”!!!