Sarah Gamble


Sarah Gamble, MTOM, L. Ac. — Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine
My path to becoming an acupuncturist started in a dance studio, where I spent hours as a kid and young adult using my body to invent new dances. Those hours led to many first hand discoveries about the musculoskeletal system and how it worked.

That fascination with movement led me to the Alexander Technique, which I studied first as a student and then as a teacher. My first students were fellow dancers who were looking to enhance their performance. Once we worked together, however, they inevitably started asking me to help with their internal medicine problems.

After giving birth, my patients brought their children in for treatment. Now I’ve had the pleasure of working with children from birth all the way through college, as well as their mothers through menopause and beyond. Along the way, I also developed a specialty in helping people relieve chronic digestive issues and treat degenerative diseases.

No matter what life stage my patients are in, or what challenges they are facing, I see my role as facilitator—not “fixer.” Together, the patient and I create the conditions where they can relax enough to hear what their bodies are trying to tell them, decipher its messages, and then develop an action plan that helps them meet their bodies’ needs.

In my decades of practice, I have found that if a patient guides her own process and I am there merely to support and advise, the change is much more profound and more long lasting than if I took the more traditional approach of assigning a set course of treatment.

As a result of this collaborative process, patients’ physical conditions often improve; so do many other aspects of their lives. Once the internal energy starts moving, self-confidence, relationships, and even jobs often change for the better. It is such an honor and a joy to do this work. If you have read this far, I hope that you and I will have the opportunity to collaborate on your own healing.

To help me address those queries, I enrolled in a master’s degree program for Traditional Chinese Medicine. During my first semester, I got pregnant. By the time I was done with my schooling, I had given birth to both of my sons. So I was not surprised when most of my first acupuncture patients fell into two main camps: dancers seeking to keep their physical instrument finely tuned, and women seeking help navigating fertility, pregnancy, and postpartum issues.

My Approach
My practice combines a range of Eastern and Western clinical techniques to promote vibrant and balanced health. My holistic approach to overall well-being considers nutrition, exercise, lifestyle, and environmental factors, as well as a range of chronic and acute conditions. I work collaboratively at every level, to ensure true working relationships with my patients, careful coordination with other practitioners within Meridian studios, and a strong referral network of outside specialists.