Sara Dawn Schwedelson

Certified Health and Life Coach

I am a health and life coach certified with Health Coach Institute. I have my B.A. in Communications from SUNY Albany. I have always struggled with stress and anxiety. To the point where it ended up in a suicide attempt. I was hospitalized 4 times in 2 months back in the summer of 2016. I am a life coach because I tried to end my life. Now I make it my mission to prevent others from getting to that place. As a result, I have learned many tools over the years how to manage that and overcome many challenges. It is something that I’m quite passionate about, and I love being able to use my own personal story to help others. In March of 2018, I ran a campaign to raise $3,500 to run the NYC Marathon with Mount Sinai Adolescent Health Center. Mount Sinai Adolescent Health Center provides all inclusive health care: PCP, Dental and Optical, Sexual and Reproductive, and most importantly, Mental Health service to NYC teens at no cost. Then in July of 2018, I sprained my left ankle and broke my right foot. I was not able to run the marathon. I never ended up running that marathon. Although raising the money is still one of my biggest accomplishments that I am most proud of. I am thoughtful, kind, considerate, and caring. When I am not working I enjoy knitting, making kombucha, and baking sourdough.