Samantha Shaw

Health Coach

Hi, my name is Samantha Shaw (a.k.a “Samwise”). If you are a fan of fiction, you will immediately recognize the connection here to Samwise Gamgee, the ever-faithful companion of the main character in The Lord of the Rings Trilogy… and the namesake for my practice. Similar to that classic archetype, I find the most joy in life when enabling others to succeed; and helping them reach the peak of their own mountain. Fictional character aside, here is my story: After several years in a corporate sales environment, I hit that magic number on the scale that finally made me step into a gym and hire a personal trainer. In just 3 months, I dropped down to 11% bodyfat…and gained an unhealthy relationship with food and exercise that would act as the catalyst to transform my life. As perfect storms go, not long after my extreme weight loss, my marriage fell apart and I was let go from my corporate job. However, not all storms come to disrupt your life. Some come to clear your path. In my case – this was certainly true. This time period was the catalyst that snowballed into a relentless desire to understand the human psyche, and how it can be transformed from our own worst enemy into our best friend in making positive life changes… This led me to embrace a holistic mind-body-spirit approach to my practice, as I quickly came to learn that the human body is all interconnected, and treating these components separately most often leads to limiting results. Now, as a personal trainer, health coach and hypnotherapist, I help clients develop the heart-set, mind-set, AND the skill-set to achieve and maintain their goals for life. Whether you are looking to lose weight or tackle another life-enhancing goal, I would be honored and privileged to support you, and see you to the peak of your mountain.