Samantha Shatek

Functional Life Coach

Hi, I’m Samantha Shatek. ​ I’m so happy you are here. As a Registered Nurse and Holistic Health practitioner for more than a decade, I’ve come to realize that nothing is more important than your dreams, your health, and your wellbeing. I believe we are meant to have fun, play big and create the life we love. Sadly, so many people are living default lives that are mediocre at best. They might be content and comfortable on the surface, but they are out of alignment and still dissatisfied because they aren’t stepping fully into the life they are meant to live. And they don’t believe they can. After seeing so many clients suffer from lost dreams & health conditions that were mostly preventable, I decided to transform my nursing practice to be in alignment with what I know to be true: A life of your dreams is something that you can cultivate at any stage of your life. You can create better health and a better life than the one you are living now by working with your body’s wisdom and your mindset. With a few new tools, with your focus & dedication, and with the willingness and hunger to change and grow, you can be the person you dream of. Let’s turn your pain into your power. You deserve to do more than just survive in this life, you deserve to thrive. I believe transformation is true rebellion and it starts with you from the inside out. ​