Samantha Rae

Spiritual Life Coach

Samantha Rae is an American born spiritual entrepreneur and global nomad. After completing her Bachelor’s degree in Education, she was eager to explore the world in hopes of finding her real passion and purpose in life. In 2011, Samantha began her yoga journey and immediately fell in love with the discipline and emotional balance yoga provided. She later went on to complete her yoga teacher training in Ubud, Bali studying the Tantric Hatha tradition. She has since shared her love of yoga through studio and beach classes, international retreats, athletic recovery programs and children’s yoga across America, Europe and Africa. Through her own spiritual journey, Samantha became drawn to the mystical energy of reiki and has now been attuned at a Master level. This beautiful energy healing compliments all aspects of her lifestyle brand, Lush Ibiza and the holistic experiences offered for soul-level healing for clients during their spiritual awakening journey. After eleven years of jet-setting and soul-searching, Samantha has redefined spirituality through a modern approach of blending universal guidance with spiritual based, holistic experiences. It is her mission to inspire other’s to reconnect with their higher selves and embody their most authentic life.