Sally Rapperport


I’m Sally Rappeport.
I have been practicing acupuncture and East Asian Herbal Medicine since 1998.
I graduated from the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine (PCOM) in New York, after which I continued my education with many practitioners including Elaine Stern and Jeffrey Yuen. I am Board Certified in Acupuncture and Chinese Herbology from the NCCAOM. I trained at Lutheran Hospital (2007-08) in obstetrics, and subsequently became part of a study to reduce the number of miscarriages by using acupuncture during labor. I am a labor doula.

A background in dance and Continuum movement enhances my understanding of movement dynamics in relation to musculoskeletal issues and body energetics. Prior to acupuncture school, I practiced shiatsu; and in 2003 I began using Bowen therapy. Bowen involves very gentle manipulations over muscles and other tissue to shift structural alignment. Also, because of my interest in the subtleties of East Asian medicine, I focus much study and effort on developing my pulse-taking skills.

After graduating from PCOM, I opened a private practice and worked part-time as an acupuncturist for two years in substance-abuse clinics and at the Brooklyn Women’s Shelter and for six years at an HIV clinic. I have taught workshops in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and courses at PCOM and The New York College of Health Professions.

For years I have had a particular affinity for medicinal herbs and support the movement to grow Chinese herbs organically in the U.S. In 2016 I joined the board of the High Falls Foundation which promotes this effort. In 2009 I began on my own to deepen my understanding of herbal medicine by delving into texts from the Han dynasty (2000 years ago). These books form the basis for all herb prescriptions since that time. This has greatly enhanced my practice of herbal medicine. I have continued studying with Sharon Weizenbaum in her Graduate Mentorship program, Yaron Sideman, and Dr. Feng Shi-Lun. I am now assisting in Sharon Weizenbaum’s Graduate Mentorship Program and teaching and mentoring students online. In addition in 2016, I launched the Shen Nong Society, a professional organization for East Asian Medicine practitioners. The SNS has an annual conference every spring in NYC and live streamed.

Before practicing Chinese medicine, I ran a daycare program in Brooklyn. In addition to my masters degree in TCM, I have a masters from Bank Street. College for Education; I love treating children.

In my off hours, you will likely find me with a book, baking pan, hammer, knitting needles, or a trowel in my hands.