Ryan Hunter

Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach

When my spouse became a Functional Medicine (root cause medicine) practitioner and began to heal herself through the tenets of this modality, I was amazed and also started lifestyle modifications. I began to see and feel the improvements in my own health. Conventional medicine had not helped me. I had inflammation in my ears and a bacterial overgrowth in my gut to name a few of my symptoms that have been relieved. Discovery of my own non-celiac gluten sensitivity was a major game changer as well. . Implementing changes in my eating and with the addition of restorative practices, I became healthier, happier and more energized. Having an educational background in psychology I decided to become a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach to assist others. Change is difficult and by having a coaching relationship you can improve your wellness. I am passionate about helping others improve and to live their best life. If and when you are ready to reach higher, feel better and make changes, please contact me for a winning partnership in your life.