Ruth Pearson Smith

Homeopathy Consultant

I have been involved in the study and practice of homeopathy since 1995. I began as a custodial grandmother, treating my granddaughter as I attended the Gold Coast Homeopathy Study Group and continued helping family members and friends. I coordinated the study group until 2008. While professionally employed as a telecommunications software engineer, I studied with Jeremy Sherr (Dynamis School of Homeopathy) for 3 years and with Amy Rothenberg (New England School of Homeopathy – Level I. In 2011, I became a supervisor for the Homeoprophylaxis Study, a research study conducted by Free and Healthy Children, international ( I’ve continued with the Homeoprophylaxis (HP) Program since that time.Homeoprophylaxis is the use of a homeopathic remedy for the purpose of stimulating and educating the immune system. This program intends to provide an alternative for those who are concerned about conventional vaccinations. For more information, go to (link to about Homeprophylaxis)