Roxann Brown

Wellness & Life Coach

I have been in the medical field for the most part of 12 years. I presently work as the Nursing Directors Assistant for an Assisted Living & Memory Care Facility. I am a Medical Assistant, Patient Care Tech, Certified Nursing Assistant & a Medication Technician. I have been divorced for two years and my son just graduated with an Associates Degree for Automotive Technology. My Philosophy of Care Being in the medical field for 12 years I have seen allot of what pharmaceuticals can do for you and to you and have always felt there was a better way through nutrition and wellness, mind, body & soul. I wanted to empower people so they could feel their energy inside of them and get off the medication. As an amateur body builder in my twenties and a runner, I have long been aware of the importance of nutrition and strength in the body. My love for the environment and of animals is how I became a whole foods vegetarian, who only eats organic animal protein but primarily plant protein. Two years ago I found yoga and meditation and have been in love every since. How did I not find this before, I wondered.