Rochelle Nelson

Health Coach

“We’re here to help you thrive
After years of personal and professional experience, we founded Nelson Academics, where we provide academic coaching to help students make their educational goals a reality. Through a series of reflective 1-on-1 coaching sessions, students will identify their academic challenges and discover specific actions needed to achieve their goals.

We Specialize in Imposter Syndrome
At Nelson Academics, we coach individuals from diverse backgrounds to overcome imposter syndrome in their career, academics, and life.
Personalized Academic & Life Coaching by Dr.Rochelle Nelson, PhD

“Dr. Nelson is not only a fantastic life coach, but an incredibly caring and sympathetic person that listened attentively to my unique needs. Much of the activities and suggestions she provided has been instrumental in me being better capable of dealing with my inferiority complex and moving up the ladder in my career. I felt empowered after each session to conquer the world and my immediate problems. She has a lot of great strategies to deal with impostor syndrome which I suffer from as I’m in the tech industry. Her work with me give me the confidence I needed to ask for my first raise which I subsequently received. I cannot recommend Dr. Nelson enough. She’s literally changed my life.”

— Korei (Verified Reviewer)

“Rochelle gets it! She understood my concerns and helped me navigate through them with the right set of tools/ exercises and the right guidance. Rochelle is a great listener too and was able to ask the right questions to help me understand the process. I’m at a much better place and have so much more clarity about my goals and the direction that I want my life to take. I’m forever grateful to her and would recommend her to anyone needing a little assistance finding their path!”

— Cassandra Leroy (Verified Reviewer)