Robert Martinez


I began my journey into Chinese medicine because of a childhood friend. He convinced me to take up taiji back in 1989. I followed him to all of his teachers, and always was intrigued and fascinated by the Chinese way of thinking about things; the philosophy and the theories that made up the art. I began to study daoism, buddhism, and Eastern mysticism, reading the I Ching, Daodejing, and any and all books I could find on these esoteric subjects
In 2000 I started my study of baguazhang, still following my friend to a new teacher. Master Yang Fukui taught bagua at the Pacific College or Oriental Medicine. I began to talk with other students there. After a time, I knew I had found my calling and became a student of Pacific in New York City.
Now sixteen years after joining Pacific, I have the privilege of putting into practice the things I’ve learned practicing taijiquan and Traditional Chinese Medicine to help those in pain, both physical and psychological. I love practicing Chinese medicine, because it gives people an alternative to the status quo of empty food and overly powerful medications and promotes true wellness. It is a blessed life.