Rhonda Byrd-Hemphill

Health Coach

Meet Rhonda


Hi, My name is Rhonda, and I’m the Founder of Be4EverWell. I love sharing information, teaching new concepts and ideas, and helping people grow. My deepest passion is educating women on self-awareness. But I humbly assist anyone sent on my path to take this journey. This includes men and women, and children over 14 years old.

​My coaching sessions and educational programs help people to understand how everything we experience is connected. Diseases, emotional baggage, money issues or past emotional pains are all connected to a deeper root. Getting to the true root of the problem, empowers you release it, so that you can experience freedom and create the life that you desire.


I’ve spent the last 20 years as a Certified Cardiovascular Specialist. I have taught many students, residents, technicians and nurses while working in the Catheterization Lab. Later, I worked with St Jude Medical as a Medical Educator. During that time I worked with Physicians, Nurses, and Cardiac Technicians. It was my pleasure educating them on the basic fundamentals of the heart, through heart dissection courses. Where they learned to deepen their understanding of cardiac anatomy, its functions, its dysfunctions, treatments, technology, protocols and procedures to treat heart disease and cardiac arrhythmias. I have also had the pleasure of teaching Board Review Courses for CCI examiners (Accredited Licensing Board) at the University of Michigan.

After leaving corporate Medical Industry in 2014. I realized that most disease was caused by stress. Most stress is caused by financial lack. So i was inspired to pursue a financial education. That pursuit led me to become a federally licensed financial consultant dedicated to financial literacy, and financial independence for my community.
As a lifelong student of world religions, cultures and science, I have spent countless hours reconnecting Eastern Healing Techniques to Western Medicinal Understanding. Eastern Medicine takes a wholistic approach to Wellness. Eastern medicine looks at the body as one system. Western medicine understanding revolves around the idea that everything is separate. Our bodies are looked upon as separate systems, instead of one interdependent system. Rhonda uses an understanding of both Eastern and Western Medicine to usher individuals into their SELF Discovery.