Renee’ C. Feller

Health Coach

I am an advanced practice registered nurse in psychiatric mental health (CNS), turned Non-Dual Kabbalistic Healer, Spiritual Director, and Integrative Health and Life Purpose Coach. Each part of my journey incorporates what I have learned from before, enhancing the present version of my “self”. What a wonderful journey I have been on. My latest incarnation as a coach has helped me to love and live life more fully. I look forward to using my skills to help others as I have been able to help myself. I am embracing my sensitive self (being an “HSP”); I am appreciating that I am a “foodie” and tailoring my habits to enjoying healthy foods; I am managing my stress better – all because I am more awake and aware. I am more present to life, to loving myself, and to the desires of others. My inner world is meeting my outer world. I do like the company that I keep when I am alone with myself and all is quiet inside. Let me help you to “connect the dots” of your world so that you, too, enjoy being alone with your “self.” Dependent upon your needs, this can be done either through coaching or psychotherapy. I am passionate about helping people to nourish their body through good nutrition and movement, find nourishment of mind/emotions, and of spirit. Some may call it soul tending. When I work with people I am “all in” and “have their back.” People notice that I am genuine, intuitive, and direct when required. With blessings, Reneé