Randy Levine


My mission is to help you overcome your current difficulties and achieve your goals. I have enjoyed working in clinical psychology for over 30 years. I offer affordable, caring counseling and therapy. Please call so we can discuss your needs. The ideal client would be motivated for change, willing to adopt spiritual practices, and open to discovering new possibilities. I believe symptoms are a doorway towards healing , love and peace which are available from the soul level in each client. Therapy assists you to release the blocks to love’s awareness and to heal the traumatic memories from the past. Trained as a licensed Psychologist, I employ EMDR, Accelerated Resolution Therapy and Spiritual approaches including prayer, meditation, HALO Light, and heart based practices of opening to greater self love, forgiveness and compassion. I assist each member of a couple to appreciate themselves and their partners to rekindle their love and rebuild trust. Advanced training in Spiritual Psychology assists you to experience deeper compassion and peace. Symptoms and problems are an invitation to open to receive greater love. My approach aligns wonderfully with recovery principles. Come and explore heart based healing and Accelerated Resolution Therapy to change the inner picture of the traumatic memory.