Phyllis Guy

Mind-Body Eating Coach

I am Phyllis and I am a Hypnotic Nutrition Coach. I love ballroom dancing, trail running and hiking. I believe that these activities bring more fun in my life. As I realize how these fun activities help me maintain good nutrition, I became more passionate in understanding what others love doing and how can we incorporate these in their lifestyle. I graduated from the Institute for the Psychology of Eating. I have a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and master’s degree in accounting. This diverse academic background has helped me understand that good nutrition starts with the mind. People have to condition their brain and internalize their identity and what they really want. Weight loss is not about following fad diets but about allowing yourself to explore your own lifestyle, mindset and roadblocks and how to improve them. It starts within you and that is what I am passionate to do. I want you to discover yourself, and design your own principles. I want to carefully determine what makes you slip back into bad eating habits and what can be done to get you back on track. Identifying these factors is a huge step to developing the proper program that fits your individual needs. I’ll support you with coaching strategies, nutrition principles and the awesome power of hypnosis that will give you the strategy you are looking for that is nourishing, doable, sustainable, and that yield the best results.