Peter Braasch


Meet Your Acupuncturist: Peter Braasch

My Story: I unexpectedly began my exploration of Chinese medicine as a patient, in 1996. After suffering for 18 months with a diagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome, a friend suggested that I work with an acupuncturist. Following months of pain, exhaustion and insomnia- I figured, “What could I lose?” 14 weeks later, I was skiing in Colorado. Chinese medicine gave me back my life. Without this help, I could have never moved to Washington, D.C. and returned to living my dream- helping protect the natural resources that sustain our lives.

In 2007, I established Braasch Acupuncture to realize another dream- working with people who find themselves suffering and need help to overcome seemingly intractable health challenges. If you are suffering and feel stuck, it would be my honor to serve as your partner and work with you to reclaim your dreams by living a more vigorous and fulfilling life.

What I do: I practice Chinese medicine (acupuncture, herbs and Qi Gong- therapeutic exercise) in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I find great inspiration in helping people to transform their suffering into growth, healing and health. When I am not working with clients, I enjoy cooking, percussion, kayaking and caring for my two young sons.

Before studying Chinese medicine, I worked for a variety of environmental non-profits, a Congressional campaign, a management consulting company and the United Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh.

My Credentials: I hold a Master of Acupuncture degree and Certificate in Chinese Herbal Medicine from the Academy for Five Element Acupuncture. I have also received a Certificate in Medical Qi Gong. I am Nationally Board Certified by the National Council of Colleges of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM) and licensed by the Pennsylvania Medical Board as a Practitioner of Oriental Medicine. I received my Bachelor’s Degree from Yale University, where I received honors in History and Environmental Studies.

Continuing Studies: I believe in Chinese medicine as a lifelong journey in learning and spiritual growth. Since graduating acupuncture school, I have pursued a variety of ongoing studies and practices. One of my strongest influences has a been the mentorship of Thea Elijah and her teaching of Medicine Without Form. Since 2006, I have studied Shaduliah Sufi spiritual healing practices. I also continue to study classical Chinese medicine from a number of different sources. On a daily basis, I strive to support these studies by integrating my Jewish observance, qi gong exercise, Sufi remembrance, yoga and swimming into a dynamic blend of practice to support my body and spirit..