Paula Robben

Life Coach

If you don’t know who you are, it is difficult to make decisions about what you really want. So how is it possible to generate a dream, know your purpose, and live the life you’ve always envisioned? My name is Paula Kahawai Robben and I am a DREAMER. I serve as a Life Coach, Alternative Health Practitioner, Mastermind Facilitator, SBDC Certified Business Consultant, and Food Council Secretary. I am living the life I dreamed about at 7-years-old – I am married to a wonderful man with two amazing daughters who are confident, strong, and responsible (which was always my main goal), but that did not come with ease. I grew up with two parents who had PTSD. The only real foundation I felt was the physical house I lived in serving as some type of reassurance while I was forced to raise myself. I didn’t know exactly how to escape loneliness, pain, and poverty, but what propelled me to search tirelessly for a source of change was a DREAM that I could be anyone I wanted despite my circumstances. I’m sure you’re wondering, how did I design this life when my socio-economic background was set up to work against me? I found the exact life I wanted through observing others who were happy and hard working. I dedicated early mornings and late nights to achieve what they had while still being compassionate to myself- I knew that my journey began behind most others’ starting line. With time, I’ve slowly found my strengths allowing myself to amplify them to their highest capacity. This now includes empathic listening, remaining down to earth at all times, and being easy to talk to. Spending the first 30 years of my life without any real guidance forced me to find exactly who I am, what I believe, what I need and want, and how to seek change and manifest success. I work to relay these methods to others because I am living proof that you can turn dreams into reality. A purpose helps you become persistent and resilient at times when you are required to deal with some of life’s most challenging situations. A definite purpose removes the confusion that can arise when deciding what to do next. Let’s take these next steps together to find YOUR purpose! ALOHA!