Omar Cumberbatch

Health Coach

Life is too short to make every single mistake on your own. I always wanted a big brother. Being the oldest, I had to learn most things the hard way. I always had some level of envy that my little brother had me to lean on for advice. I always thought, how cool would it be if someone gave me some time saving advice like, don’t date that girl, or save your money, or don’t drink beer before liquor. It seemed that I always learned everything the hard way. My diet was no different. I listened, and tried, everything. I was on the Atkins Diet, Weight Watchers, the South Beach Diet. I was a vegeterian, I subscribed to a Paleo Diet. I tried ephedra, when it was legal. I used supplements like creatine, BCAA, and drank musclemilk. I worked out incessantly. I thought that the only reason I wasn’t getting where I wanted to be is because I wasn’t pushing myself hard enough. If I ran 5 miles a day, I needed to run 6. If I spent 45 minutes lifting weights, I had to increase that to an hour. I thought that if it was easy, everyone would be in tip top shape. I had to be on the verge of finally breaking through. At least that was my logic. Obviously, this approach was completely useless. However, there was one bright spot to spending a ton of time chasing this goal. I listened to podcasts and watched YouTube while working out more than any human should. And anyone who goes down the rabbit hole on the internet knows that you stumble upon many interesting things. At that time, I was a vegetarian. I also realized, I was also a pretty bad one. So, as I went down this rabbit hole, I came across video after video of experts speaking about the dangers of sugar. It was portrayed as the single most destructive thing that you can put in your diet. It caused diabetes, obesity, heart issues and fed cancer. I stepped back and took a moment to assess how much sugar I was consuming. I had over 50 grams just at breakfast with my medium Dunkin Donuts coffee with milk and 3 sugars and my banana! At that moment, since I’ve tried everything else, I decided to cut out the sugar. It was hard as hell. But I did it and it worked! I began to lose so much weight, so fast, people were asking me discreetly if I was sick! That was my aha moment. I was fascinated how one simple change in my diet changed my life forever. The fascination burned a desire to understand and learn about all of the other simple things that I could do to not only help me accomplish my fitness goals, but how I can live a long and healthy life. I enrolled in IIN shortly thereafter to become a certified health coach. And as they say, the rest is history! How can I help you? I’ve been there. I’ve been bombarded with too much information. I’ve been overwhelmed with mis-information. I’ve tried all the diets without having lasting results. I’ve been addicted to sugar. I know how hard it can be. My journey for these answers were unnecessarily long. I lost a lot of years trying to figure these things out on my own. I didn’t really know where to look. Don’t be me. Know that the time is now to get answers. I am honored to be a resource for you.