Nurse Patti

Holistic and Functional Medicine Practitioner

After working in healthcare and nursing for more than 20 years, Nurse Patti developed a vision for Sacred Healing Wellness Center (SHWC). Her experience of caring for patients holistically along the Wellness Continuum taught her the importance of adopting a comprehensive approach that utilizes multiple healing modalities to address the “root cause” of illnesses and imbalances that affect the body physically, mentally, and spiritually. Nurse Patti integrates various synergistic modalities, combining the best of Western and Eastern healing practices and techniques. She partners with independent healthcare professionals, including energy healers, certified Life and Fitness coaches, and SHWC’s very own medical intuitive practitioner, who is affectionately known as Mama Faith. Through this collaboration, Nurse Patti delivers long-lasting results to her clients and provides them with a personalized journey to optimal health and overall well-being that ultimately seeks to enrich and enhance their own relationship with Source Energy.