Nicole Rochat

Health Coach

I am an intuitive and empathetic holistic counselor with a creative and humorous lens. I’m passionate about empowering individuals and communities, exploring ways in which plants and food can heal us and assisting in the transformation of personal perspectives and approaches in our lives to achieve complete health and happiness – mind, body and spirit! As far back as I can recall, I’ve been a “helper”. I was always that friend that everyone shared their struggles with and I even became a “peer counselor” inmiddle school – my first foray into formal counseling work! I was the mediator between conflicting teenage dramas and the one who was not afraid to fight for the “underdog”. In middle and high school, these were the unpopular kids who were picked on. In college it was the environment and social issues. As I embarked on my professional social work career, I spent my time counseling and advocating for people who were homeless, families in the foster care system, people experiencing acute and chronic mental health issues, and those souls involved in the criminal justice system. I found this journey equally fulfilling and ultimately depleting. Being a person who is truly an empath, I realized that I would need to find a new way to serve people and communities that also supported my own personal health and wellness. Eight years after obtaining my Masters in Social Work, I studied integrative health coaching at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. This brought into fruition my profound belief in the power of food and how ALL parts of our lives contribute to our overall health and wellness. Learn more about Nutrition on DaoCloud. I could see the impact of food on my social work clients who might be struggling with stress anxiety, and depression. I could feel the impact of food choices that did not suit my own unique body or my digestion and emotional state. I knew I had to bring this level of complete healing and wellness to people and communities so I deepened my education by studying herbal medicine on both the physical and spiritual level for 2 years. I now bring this knowledge into my healing work. I’ve become increasingly involved in community level gardening and food justice projects and am absolutely passionate about working with groups. Fostering community is such an important element in creating and sustaining long lasting change. This is where it all comes together and I offer you an array of supportive and healing counseling services. ​I have learned how to serve in a capacity that supports my own health and well-being, allowing me to more fully serve you. Because I believe that happy and healthy humans and communities contribute to the greater good of our entire world!