Nevin Eckert

Educator and Adviser

Nevin Eckert, has lived a lifelong passion and empathy for nature. Its Nevins mission is to invoke higher levels of water consciousness to people worldwide. Over the course of his life, Nevin has worked as a forest custodian, organic farmer, and a front-line environmental and animal rights activist. At age 9, he took his first job in the Sequoia National Forest, where he was raised, to gather green redwood tree cones for their seeds. At age 15, he took a position caretaking a 1500 acre private forest. The work included protecting bears from local poachers and salvaging the wasted redwood from logging at the turn of the century. In the late 1980’s, he traveled to the southeast to plant trees and build hiking trails in National Parks. He has also worked passionately on organic farms across North America, from Hawaii to New Mexico. In 1990, he worked on the front-lines of environmental and animal rights activist groups in the western US. Nevin holds a vision to help heal peoples relationship with nature. In 1994 Nevin discovered the life work of Viktor Schauberger. In Nevins opinion Viktor was the definitive naturalist. Viktor Schauberger lived from 1885-1958 and clearly outlined the fundamental working of nature, biological systems of the earth and their symbiotic relationships to the cosmos. Viktor was known as the “Water Wizard” For more information on Viktor visit and Nevin offers some of the finest water system available in the world today. Creating a “Fountain of Youth” in a residence or business, water systems for renowned chefs and food productions are his specialties. The drinking water system Nevin configures creates a quality of water greater than most bottled waters, purifying and transforming tap water into a medicinal spring water quality. He also consults and offers systems for lakes, ponds and waste water. Nevin’s approach to water quality is holistic and all natural. His philosophy is based in the understanding that when water is in its purest form and at its highest quality, its a living substance endowed with both physical and energetic qualities. Quality of life is directly connected to the quality of its environment, water being the primary element in our world, one can see how directly connected the qualities of life are by quality of water in our seas, skies, rivers, lakes and oceans.