Monica Dubay

Spiritual Life Coach

Do you want more success, but have some deep issues that you just haven’t been able to shift even with years of traditional therapy? I’m here to help you stop wasting time and money on ineffective programs that don’t go deep enough. I get it, I know what it means to feel like life isn’t turning out the way I planned. Back in 1989 in New York City, I had given up on my dream of being a classical musician, and I found myself in extreme anxiety. in In a moment of complete despair, I got on my knees and asked “Why am I so afraid?”. I had a raw, spiritual awakening.. I then found my power, my higher Self, which gave me a whole new way of being: clarity, freedom and power. I became a healer of the mind for thousands as I traveled the world teaching. I’ve spent more than 30 years helping people world-wide heal their mind, using my signature Mindset Mastery Method to energetically release subconscious patterns that block them from achieving their dreams. My Signature Mastery Program has helped clients achieve their real desires in life and business. Some have created million dollar businesses, and shifted every aspect of their lives, both personally and professionally. Honestly, this work is the most powerful mind transformation the planet and will save you years of sitting in silence, or grasping at shiny objects that don’t get results. I want to save you all that struggle and frustration. Reach out if you want to transform your life now and stop wasting time and money. Mindset work isn’t enough, you need a true, abiding awakening to make your life work in every aspect. All my clients have had massive results. Business owners, do you want to make a difference, knowing you’re fulfilling your mission with clarity and ease? Here’s your next step to get results you’ve only dreamed about, become free of that painful block… I’m offering my 10 Week Signature Program right now. Here’s what to do next: Message me. And we will have a private confidential conversation to see how I can add a ton of value to you, with zero pressure. My #1 Bestselling book, Heal Your Mind Heal Your Life is available at Just search my name and it will come up.