Miguel Toro


Are your health problems preventing you from doing what you love or from expressing your fullest potential? Do you struggle with pain, lowered immunity, poor energy or lack of sleep? Are you frustrated by seeing health professions and not getting clear answers or desired results? Are you open for a totally different approach to your health? Most of the time there are two paths that one can take when it comes to making your health decisions. The most common way of addressing health concerns is by seeking some type of drug, therapy or treatment to get rid a certain condition or symptom. This approach may be effective in masking or suppressing the problem, but may not address the root cause of the dysfunction. At Power Chiropractic, our approach is significantly different than traditional chiropractic and therapy. We practice Bio-Structural Restoration ™ using the Life By Design Chiropractic Method ™, the purpose of which is to narrow in on a CORE PROBLEM with the spinal column and underlying nervous system. These spinal distortions can be affecting your health in ways you already feel, but more importantly, in ways you could have no idea about.