Michelle Jolly

Health Coach

So many women are overworked and stressed-out in jobs they don’t enjoy or work with people which they don’t get along. They feel stuck, almost paralyzed because they don’t want to make any changes and risk losing the lifestyle they have grown accustomed to and need the security of income for their family. This stress causes major health issues. On my program you will see how food, mindset and lifestyle play a huge part in creating a life you can fully enjoy. One you might not even realize that is possible! I feel everyone deserves to be happy and healthy by living their values, eating real food, finding movement they enjoy, focusing on their mission in life, and creating a community of people who will support them and help them be the best they can be. I grew up in McFarland, a small town just South of Madison, and attended college at UW-Madison. I graduated with a degree in Interior Design. I worked in that industry in Madison and then in New York City. I enjoyed the work, but wasn’t fulfilled in life. A few years later I met my husband in NYC, so that fulfilled the relationship area, but something was still missing. I tried a different area of design and that wasn’t it. When we moved back to Madison I helped my parents in the family apartment rental and CBRF businesses. That wasn’t my passion either. I have always had an interest in eating healthy and learning about natural healing. I just never thought I could make a career out of something I really enjoyed. Well, I’m doing it! You too can find fulfillment in all areas of your life and create a life full of health and happiness! Let’s talk!