Michelle Buffkin

Licensed Massage Therapist

I owe my life to one conversation over a drink after a long day. My friend asked, “What do you want to do with the rest of your Life?” She mentioned Massage. We talked about applying and going to school together, but she was all talk. I didn’t know at the time, the impact this decision was going to make in my Life. I was able to leave the restaurant and hotel industry, after 12 years. Once completing the program at The Savannah School of Massage in the Spring of 2005, I began working in a downtown day spa, medical spa’s, and soon found my passion at a busy chiropractic facility. I received my Medical Massage Practitioner Certification in 2011 that provided me with the advanced techniques to relieve pain more efficiently. I moved to Atlanta in 2013 to pursue my passion with Skincare and to really find out what was causing my adult acne at The Atlanta Institute of Aesthetics. I later returned in 2017, as an Assistant Instructor and shortly after formed Buff’d Wellness. I am currently focusing my bodywork in NeuroKinetic Therapy (NKT), Level 3 (Certification in process), Level 2 certified, NKT Teacher Assistant Level 1. I am grateful to work with professional MLB, NFL, and Combine prep athletes, together with athletic trainers and Atlanta Rehab & Performance Physical Therapy team at Goldin Athletic Training Association since 2015. What makes me unique? The results I achieve= pain free! and that I can blend my passion for bodywork and skincare together for an incredibly unique experience creating a Balanced Bliss.