Michele Root, CHt, LC

Hypnotic Health Coach

After decades of body weight struggle, Michele discovered that she wasn’t eating the right BALANCE of nutrients. Like most “dieters”, you think it’s about deprivation and that you have to stop eating certain foods, and that isn’t the case. Your body needs to receive certain nutrients to function correctly. When not given what it needs, it will store it some as fat. When Michele hired a Coach and learned the importance of all nutrients, and dealt with how food made her feel, things started to fall into place. She regained CONTROL over her actions & reactions! Food is Fuel for the body, not an emotional release. NOW, tried and true, Michele is ready to help YOU do the same! She’s worked with hundreds of successful clients who can testify that her programs are fitted for every body as they are Personalized! Schedule a complimentary 30-minute call to discover how she can assist you in Empowering Yourself to create optimal health & vitality! The struggle ends here.