Michael Givens

Certified Hypnotherapist

Michael has been helping actors create memorable performances globally for over 40 years. From his on-set use of hypnosis with actors, Michael has become known as “The Hypnotist to the Stars.” Michael developed an exclusive technique to help actors in their work and he also uses his skills to help relieve people of stress, heartache, trauma, grief, anxiety/depression, addiction, smoking cessation, and many more life-stealing issues. He now makes his practice available to the public through Atlanta Hypnosis. Michael began a life-long study of hypnosis at a young age and discovered the connection between acting and hypnosis while attending Brooks Institute, Santa Barbara, Ca. in 1978. Michael’s hypnotherapy certifications come from two separate schools; International Association of Counselors and Therapists, Laceyville, Pa. (IACT) and Hypnosis Motivation Institute, Los Angeles, Ca. (HMI).