Mary Regan

Life Coach

Mary has been practicing massage therapy for 20 years, since graduating top of her class from an outstanding clinical massage therapy program at Ann Arbor Institute of Massage Therapy in Michigan. She is driven to continually expand her knowledge and skills to achieve ever greater results. Personal Mary comes from a large, boisterous family and is married with a grown daughter. She enjoys playing the piano, argentine tango, cooking, reading, and yoga. Previously, she worked with individuals with developmental disabilities for 30 years. She is accustomed to helping people overcome obstacles. She believes there’s no reason to settle, life is good, let’s live it to the fullest! Supporting your efforts She also appreciates the opportunity massage therapy offers to connect with others and views your work together as a partnership. Mary does her utmost to reduce pain and restore function. She recognizes that lasting change comes from working together to identify contributing patterns and implement strategies to reduce recurrence. She will happily provide tools and recommendations to support your efforts to integrate/maintain results. Training: Although Mary is trained in dozens of techniques, Medical Massage, a purely science-based approach as taught by Dr Ross Turchaninov, is the most effective in alleviating pain and dysfunction. It’s foundation is a strategic analysis and application advanced techniques, including: Lymph Drainage, Cutaneous Reflex Zone, Segment-Reflex, Connective Tissue/Myofascial Release, Advanced Neuromuscular/Trigger Point, Cyriax’s Procedure, Periosteal massage, & Post Isometric Relaxation. Neural Reset Therapy is another intriguing approach Mary incorporates that uses scientific principles to get restricted muscles to reset neurologically through very specific gentle movements. This technique is a wonderful addition to any treatment and is particularly helpful when direct treatments are not possible since opposing muscles or even muscles on the other side of the body can be used instead. In addition, Mary is trained in the use of Dolphin microcurrent devices for pain, scar treatment, and wellness. Traditional TENS units blast the nervous system with stronger currents to disrupt pain signals but have little therapeutic effect. In contrast, microcurrent (in amounts similar to static electricity or the body’s own signals) have been shown to improve cellular function and reduce inflammation. Mary is also certified as a Coach, Yoga Teacher (RYT200), Qigong Instructor, and Healing Foods Educator.