Mary Enger

International Board Certified Lactation Consultant

I have worked in maternal-child nursing since 1986, exclusively in lactation since 2007, and have been an IBCLC certified lactation consultant since 2009. I have had extensive experience helping moms initiate breastfeeding and in solving complex feeding issues. My approach is professional, gentle, and thorough. I have a deep knowledge base to draw from as I have worked in labor & delivery, antepartum, postpartum, routine and transition nursery, NICU and home health care. I have been in private practice since 2017. Lactation is a beautiful niche to draw this knowledge and experience together to serve mothers and babies. I am ready to give you breastfeeding tips prenatally, after birth, and through weaning. As a lactation consultant, I am an expert in addressing common and unique feeding issues. I have experience working with term babies, premies, NICU grads, and babies facing health challenges. You, baby and I work together as a team with other providers as needed to make feeding issues better. I can help you in your home, or in my office in Colorado Springs. As an IBCLC, my goal is to stay connected with you so that you can meet your breast feeding goals.