Mary Davis

Holistic Nutrition and Wellness Practitioner

Mary is a Holistic Nutrition and Wellness Practitioner and a recent graduate from SWIHA. Mary also is a Certified Behavioral Change Specialist, and is certified in Fitness Nutrition through NASM- and very soon she will be a Certified Personal Trainer in June 2020. Mary has been in the medical field for over a decade as a Physical Therapist Assistant and while she loved and still does love helping others get their functional mobility back, she thought there had to be something more, there had to be a way to prevent such diseases and morbidities she saw everyday. It is Mary’s vision to see a world without “dis-ease” and her mission to renew, restore, and transform others’ lives through the power of Nutrition and Wellness! Right out of college, Mary embarked on a journey to lose weight and was very successful and lost fifty pounds through lifestyle changes and kept it off for years, this started her holistic health journey though it was just the spark. Years later she would be thrown into an upheaval of events that rocked her world and changed her life forever! She would eventually go into the world of chronic illness and go through a huge battle within her body, mind, and soul, but she wouldn’t trade any of it now! It only made her stronger! Mary has a passion for others, and wants to see people succeed in every aspect of their lives. Some people just don’t know where to start or how to get started. Mary has been told she’s an encourager, she’s steadfast, faithful, and compassionate. Mary is a great problem-solver, and a great listener, she loves her family, loves being outdoors, and loves the Lord with all her heart and soul.