Marna Rasmussen


I am the Director of Alternative and Holistic Services here at Vijuvia Life Centers. I am a nationally board certified Acupuncture Physician. In addition I have been and am currently an educator. I have an academic background teaching the core curriculums in Chinese medicine, massage therapy and am currently one of a handful of educators in the nation teaching healthcare providers in the use of a new technology called Avazzia, a neuromodulator microcurrent treatment device for the treatmeMy Medint of pain and scar reduction.

It is my honour to help devise a treatment plan that will help you to achieve your personal and physical goals.

This treatment plan will likely be an integration of services. I specialize in the alternative care of acupuncture and manual therapies, however we have learned that by integrating acupuncture and Avazzia with regenerative treatments of the new technologies in medicine we get the greatest outcomes for our patients.