Mark Wagemaker

Licensed Professional Counselor

I work with anyone that really wants to create change in their life! Anyone that is choosing to move on to a more fulfilling life, it doesn’t matter where that motivation comes from! It could be from deep inside them or someone else helping them to see the need. I use Accelerated Resolution Therapy and hypnotherapy as primary tools for trauma, PTSD, and adverse childhood events (ACE). have practiced for 18 years helping people with issues that are disrupting their lives. My specialty is PTSD/trauma, with the unexplained anxiety, depression, and body issues that have no clear physical cause. The accumulation of ACE that may not seem to rise to the level abuse to others or even the person in pain. We can get through this crisis together! I view each client as unique and on their own path in life, it is my job to help you find your own way. All of us have had negative experiences in our lives, some don’t seem to go away, I have some excellent tools that quickly move them out of our lives.