Maria Belen Van Thienen

Family Therapist

Maria believes that through a collaborative effort, change is possible in helping to create lasting solutions that work. She believes people often give up on their relationships too soon, priding herself on helping couples to focus on their strengths and inner resources, empowering and motivating her clients to accomplish self-improvement, create and reach new life goals, and achieve happier, more fulfilling relationships. Maria helps her clients overcome difficulties with their communication and other challenges they might be facing in their relationships. Her interest is assisting clients gain new tools toward learning to communicate better with the intention of creating the relationship they would prefer to have. She provides a safe, relaxed, and non-judgmental environment that can help to elicit positive change by increasing both self-affirmation and couples connectedness. Maria is co-owner and director of Sabal Palms Therapy Solutions in Plantation, Florida. She is a bilingual psychotherapist, providing therapy both in English and in Spanish. Having moved from South America 14 years ago, she has a deep understanding of the Hispanic culture and its challenges in adjusting to a new culture. Please call Maria directly at 954-654-6774 to schedule a confidential consultation.