Margaret Peng


Since childhood, my curiosity has continued to propel me on a quest to question, explore and discover for myself, the truths concerning life with answers that would satisfy my soul. In part, that curiosity led me to pursue a career as a research scientist, delving into study of body, mind and spirit – aspects interwoven within each person and manifested in their individuality. My training as a scientist and my immersion in the world of clinical research for more than three decades caused me to probe as objectively as I could, the workings of the integrated person. I found the interplay between body, mind and spirit to be most intriguing, and was very excited when I learned that through a process scientists termed neuroplasticity, the subconscious mind could be employed to change a person’s perspectives and ultimately effect desired change in their behavior and outlook on life. I became entranced as I learned about the biology of belief and as I embarked on the study of whole brain balancing, and learned transpersonal and interpersonal hypnotherapy along with other modalities useful for bringing about transformation in my own life and in the lives of others. I learned that our behaviors as well as our life situations often are rooted in earlier times in our lives when we learned certain patterns of behavior and ways of thinking and formed certain beliefs. But in our lives at the present, some of those behavior patterns and thought processes no longer serve us and quite often present as obstacles or blockages in our path. Through neuroplasticity, we can change those thought patterns and more align them to our needs and desires for the present, so we can experience life at its fullest potential. Such is the power of our minds, we can hardly begin to imagine the extent of the wonderful lives we can create for ourselves!!! Through this work, I have been privileged to witness some of the most amazing transformations in the lives of others who have allowed me to participate in the renewal of their own minds by being a guide to them on their journey to wholeness. I love when lives are transformed and I love helping others find their way to happiness, fulfillment, peace, harmony and love.